Imagine your entity wants to raise awareness and intends to organize an exhibition of photographs that demonstrate a specific topic. For example, human trafficking, or daily challenges of people with disabilities, or people with Alzheimer disease, or cancer survivors, or else.

And, naturally, each photographer has her/his own price for demonstrating the photos. Have you ever wondered how you would evaluate the offers, how you would choose the photographers? Will you simply select the lowest-priced photographer? What about evaluating creativity, quality and impact? How will you evaluate those? What criteria will you use for selection?

Or, another example. Your organization wants to organize an art exhibition and use all collected funds for helping migrants. Museums have different prices for rental of paintings. One museum has higher price, but it has a Van Gogh painting among others, the second one is a bit lower in price, but it has a perfect collection of 50 paintings from world’s best avant-gardists, the third museum can offer only one painting to exhibit, but it a gem, like Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”. Which museum will you sign a contract with? And, most importantly, what criteria will you use for selection of the museum? How will you decide? Van Gogh or Klimt? Who will attract more visitors? Whose tickets can bring more money for helping migrants?

Or, yet another example. Your entity wants to organize a concert and use all collected funds for combating breast cancer. You again have multiple choices; a fantastic flamenco group, a magnificent cello trio and a super jazz band. Remember, you spend public money and it is limited. Which team of musicians will you invite to attract the biggest audience by selling the tickets at the highest possible price?

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