Bonfire (at procurement.co.uk) is probably the simplest way to organize your tenders.

See below how it is different from other e-procurement solutions

Actually Simple & Easy

You can start using Bonfire tomorrow – it already fits with your existing processes.

Real Flexibility

Bonfire can handle everything from simple RFQs to multi-group multi-envelope RFPs.

No Big Process Changes

Keep your existing process and templates. Get up and running in days, not weeks.

Access from Anywhere

Work with your files, scores, and reports from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Don’t Fall Behind!

Bonfire helps automate the toughest part of your job – coordinating the people.

Cheerful Support

Responsive and friendly support staff for all your suppliers, evaluators, and purchasers.

Security & Privacy

Procurement is a very sensitive area – so we protect you with next-generation security.

Try It Risk-Free!

We offer no-obligation, no-cost pilots so you can try Bonfire today on real projects.

There is an interesting FAQ section you can find here: http://www.procurement.co.uk/faq

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