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RFP hints – Receipt and Opening of Proposals 


Procurement TV continues sharing public and development procurement hints. Today we’ll talk about receiving proposals via email or e-procurement system.

Normally, in the absence of e-procurement system, proposals are received by hand, in sealed envelopes. In most of such cases, those envelopes consist of two other envelops inside with Technical Proposal and Financial Proposal. When technical evaluation is over and it is time to evaluate economic part of offers, the Financial Proposals are opened.

Depending on type and nature of tenders, the percentage of importance (i.e. scores) of proposals can vary, like Technical 80% – Financial 20%, or Technical 70% – Financial 30%, etc.

In case of sealed envelopes, Financial Proposals should wait unopened until Technical evaluation is over. But what to do when Procurement Officer collects offers by email or offers are uploaded to e-procurement system as files? If an offer is sent by email or uploaded, and it has two attachments, one attachment is Technical Proposal and the other is Financial Proposal, the Financial Proposal can be easily opened and looked at whenever needed.

Procurement Officer and evaluation committee can see prices and manipulate technical scores accordingly.

Here’s the hint to avoid situations like this. Again, simple but intelligent.

Ask vendors to send Financial Proposals password-protected. You will ask for passwords only when you finish Technical evaluation. And only from those who passed minimum technical threshold. That’s it.

This way you will have Financial Proposals delivered to you from the very beginning of the process. No one can change, manipulate or influence the process. Vendors do not know who will pass the technical evaluation score and how much of allocated percentage they will receive.

This practice can be used in any e-procurement system, if the system allows uploading proposals as separate files. Or when offers are sent by email.

Now it’s time to use this practice in your everyday work.

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How to support Procurement TV

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How to support Procurement TV

Request for Expression of Interest


Procurement Ombudsman invites seasoned public/development procurement professionals to express their interest in being included in Independent Monitoring Group (IMG).

The IMG will be tasked to monitor and review procurement operations in numerous countries and international organizations.

Your expression of interest will include:

– Your CV, clearly describing years of experience, employer organizations, positions, functions, language proficiency;

– Freelancers shall list the names and contact details of contractors within the last 10 years, duration and short description of contracts and provide information on language proficiency;

– Daily fees.

By expressing your interest you agree to the following:

– Your expression of interest will be used by the Procurement Ombudsman and may be shared with third parties;

– Procurement Ombudsman is not obliged to contact or contract you.

The deadline for expressing your interest is 29 April 2016 13:00 CET.

The expression of interest must be provided by email to

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