The guy who knows absolute truth about Procurement


A message from Video Author on February 23 2016:

“Dear people from Procurement TV; as mentioned above, it seems like this video could be taken seriously by some of your subscribers: so I changed the title with “how NOT to” to make it clearer. And I add and repeat, this is a caricature, second degree, not the way to go, all text, comments and attitudes should be taken as such.”

7 thoughts on “We deliberately left this video with no comment, so you can comment on it

  1. So, he needs the company on board Monday and thinks about formalizing the contract a day or two before. Why not to think about the contract Monday early morning then?
    I am sorry to see middle age crisis hurting people so bad.


  2. One thing I cannot comprehend. What is wrong with reading the procedures?
    He could have included all his friends in the list of preferred suppliers if he read the procedures. He is either too lazy to read or thinks he is a genius. Or probably both.


  3. Oops. Seems I missed my point here with this, which was to illustrate how NOT to deal with project procurement aspects. I thought that the caricature was obvious enough to be understood that way. Sorry, and thanks for the comments showing that I did it wrong.


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