If you are a big company or organization and you are about to make a big sales or advocacy decision, ask your Procurement Department to evaluate your final product or pitch. Yes, yes, your Procurement Department.

Why? It’s very simple.

Your Procurement Department makes purchasing decisions every day. This means they are being approached by the people who try to sell something or make impressions or establish a relationship or advocate for some ideas. Every single day.

Who else can know a lot about advocacy and sales, if not the one who deals with that on daily basis?

Focus groups? Board of directors? Bull***t. You have the best focus group in house. Look at the benefits this can bring. Your Procurement Department will not ask those boring, irrelevant questions. You will not have to feel uncomfortable for asking confirming or clarifying questions too. And you will not have to spend time and money. Your Procurement Department will probably be the only honest opinion you are going to hear about your advocacy or marketing campaign.

Conclusion: if you have a treasure in house, do not look for fake, paid opinions outside.

Get the right domain for your procurement project!

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