How Procurement Mirrors Your Organization

As many of us know, the power and importance of procurement is still largely undermined and not recognized in many companies and organizations. Let’s call those entities Entity 1.0.

What are the characteristics of a typical Entity 1.0? Normally you can identify this entity by the following (and you should run away from these):

  • The management still uses fax machines, hangs all possible certificates (and some pictures) in the frames on office walls;
  • It either has extremely high staff turnover or no turnover at all (both are alarm signals);
  • Employees should register the time of arrival and departure;
  • The website claims the organization is huge and modern, while the last news update was 6 months ago.
  • Has no dedicated Procurement Department or position.
  • etc.

The Entity 1.0 will never understand why you, as a procurement professional, is so important for the entity and why you should be motivated.

Entity 1.0 will be a history very soon.

Meanwhile, Entity 2.0 sees that a department or employee spending some 20-70% of entity’s budget is, to say the least, mega important. Entity 2.0 understands that procurement is entity’s business card when it deals with external parties and suppliers. More, in the world occupied by corruption, Entity 2.0 recognizes that an employee managing spend channels is simply obliged to be very well compensated.

Of course, it is not only about money. Procurement is a “vein” of any organization and it provides the organization with all necessary tools, products and services so the organization thrives. Therefore, this vein should be properly treated. It should be given the importance it deserves.

Speaking business language, Procurement should be well-positioned in any organization or company. Procurement should have a seat and voice in organization’s board and should be consulted all strategic decisions. Entity 2.0 knows this.

Conduct a research yourself and review the Entity 2.0 type organizations, where Procurement is one of the pillars. You will see that Entity 2.0 flourishes. It multiplies sales and budget. It has happy staff and progressively-thinking management. It is well-positioned online and supports activities with super successful mobile applications. You will see that Entity 2.0 generally has a very positive image and is considered a great place to work.

Procurement’s place in the organization is a perfect mirror to look at before making your future career decision.

Supplier Presentation – Hygiene Supplies Vendor

DDC Dolphin have been building relationships with some of the largest healthcare establishments in the UK, supplying care homes, private hospitals and NHS hospitals with our macerators and washer disinfectors for over 25 years.
A DDC Dolphin machine gives you the advantages of superior design, quality engineering and a consistently reliable and affordable system to achieve the most efficient sluice / dirty utility room operation, giving you complete peace of mind.

Exclusive Interview: Plugging ‘black hole’ of Ukraine corrupt public procurement system

Ukraine’s Deputy Economy Minister Maksim Nefyodov joined us in the Viewpoint studio. Over the past year he’s been charged with reforming Ukraine’s notoriously corrupt public procurement system.

It’s estimated that some EUR 2 billion is lost annually through graft. Among the innovations brought in by Nefyodov and his team is an electronic auction system for public tenders. It’s currently in pilot mode but will soon be in wider use.

Since Ukraine’s pro-EU uprising of 2013-14 the country’s progress on reforms has received mixed reviews. But Nefyodov’s work is one area which has been widely praised. He says there is already interest from other countries in the new system. He hopes that one day it might even be exported abroad.

Chief Procurement Officer Summit 2016

CPO Summit logo samples

Senior procurement executives and some of the world’ leading solution providers will be meeting at the Chief Procurement Officer Summit, 18-19 April 2016 at the Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa, Palm Beach, FLorida.

Here is a sample of speakers who will be presenting at the summit:

  • Barry Barnett, Senior Vice President, Global Supply Chain and Purchasing, Church’s Chicken
  • Austin McKeehan, Vice President and Head of Strategic Sourcing, TIAA-CREF
  • Tuan Nguyan, Director of Procurement, The Coca Cola Company
  • David Little, Divisional Vice President of Procurement, Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Carlos Samper, Vice President of Sourcing, Big Lots

The key topics to be discussed include:

 The Value of the Procurement Role – Validating procurement’s contribution to revenue growth
• Aligning Procurement with the Enterprise – Transforming the role of procurement to align isolated department goals with the goals of the enterprise
• Innovation and Technology – Cyber security, innovative tools, effective contract processes
• War for Talent – Best practices for attracting and retaining the right talent.
 Category Management – Achieving more competent category management
• Procurement as a Strategic Function – Strategies to maximise procurement processes

Access more information here or contact me at if you would like to request further details.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

The one-on-one business meetings provide access to the gate keepers of significant procurement budgets, with direct responsibility for selecting product and solution providers. 


Great format and content. Appreciated the smaller size of the event which allowed or more individual interaction.

Vice President & CPO

Luxottica Group

Very good quality presentations and one-on-one meetings. Overall a valuable conference and will look forward to future Summits.

Vice President, Procurement & CPO

Weston Foods

Chief Procurement Officer Summit 2015


Procurement Network is an official Media Partner for marcus evans Chief Procurement Summit 2016.

Standard Procurement Formula – 22 January 2016

procurement is guilty

How many times have you come across situations like this? When someone did not plan properly, or simply planned it wrong and points the finger at Procurement.

March ’16 Session Preview: Procurement Disruption: Change is Coming, Are You Ready?


Speaker: Dr Jonathan Betts, Market Development Director, Science Warehouse

This session will reveal the key challenges and opportunities for 2016 identified in our latest annual Procurement Trends Survey. What new technologies will impact the profession in the coming years and how can procurement set itself to leverage them? 3D interactive seminar with surround sound!

Benefits of attending include:

– Understand how emerging technology impacts procurement
– Join the debate and share your views
– Take away refreshing insights for your business

Commercial Vehicle Show Invite 2016 From Wise Procurement