Procurement Network has a beautiful tradition to draft a Procurement Resolution for each year. Some ten days ago we asked our members to come up with ideas for Procurement Resolution 2016.

Here are some of the most notable results, you can add more:

  • Switch to full e-procurement solution
  • Share procurement insight with colleagues in other departments
  • Promote procurement as science/profession, build procurement networks
  • Always document the workflow, make precedents and then share best practice
  • Plan your procurement, respect your plan and teach others on how to plan for their needs
  • Celebrate your each procurement success story
  • Study more, research similar procurement cases in different organizations and countries
  • Help your procurement colleagues, treat them as family
  • Measure your procurement input and demonstrate the results of your work
  • Rotate the roles, engage others in procurement jobs
  • Consult with your clients, always offer more than one option
  • Disagree with providing an opinion, but not pushing for a decision
  • Ask for promotion, ask for more responsibilities
  • Treat your suppliers the way you want to be treated by your clients
  • Apply your procurement skills in your life

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