Time shortage is never an excuse for skipping a tender. It is not considered  a valid reason to waive from competitive tendering in public or international procurement. Look at any procurement law, regulation or manual, you will not find a permission to skip competitive tendering because you have little time.

Procurement regulations around the globe deliberately exclude time shortage from the list of scenarios when waiving from the rules is allowed.

Have you ever thought about the reason why time shortage is never an excuse? There is a logic behind that and here it is.

Let’s be frank. Requesters (or requisitioners) always lack time. Everything that comes to procurement department is urgent, because your requesters are planning so bad (if they plan at all) and have such low capacity to manage their own projects, so they come to procurement at the very last moment. Should time be a valid reason for waiver, all procurement cases would waive from competitive tendering for a good reason. Should time be a valid excuse for skipping a competition, no one would eventually learn how to plan.

Founders of procurement science knew this and therefore never included time shortage in the list of valid scenarios for exceptions/waivers.

If you review procurement in your organization, you will find that 9 cases out of 10 are delayed because the request for procurement was provided late. And those “difficult” procurement guys always need more time for tendering.

Review 100 organizations and you will find that clients are never happy with how procurement departments perform. Why? Because no one admits his or her own mistake, it’s always procurement who is guilty.

Meanwhile, all procurement does is it follows the rules. And we all know by now why the rules never allow skipping the tender because of time shortage…


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