This is Jennifer, she works in procurement for global biz and is responsible for sourcing suppliers and contractors. Like any job, it has its challenges. In this economy, she is being asked to do more with less. This means fewer resources to qualify suppliers, collect documentation, and proactively manage the supply chain.

Global biz has hundreds of suppliers and contractors coming on site every day. Each, while critical to the ORGANIZATION presents new risk.

When you include their facilities around the world, that number is much higher.

Jennifer understands the importance of qualifying suppliers before they’re awarded work, but with all of the documentation she is expected to collect it can be an overwhelming task.

With her resource constraints she rarely gets to requalify suppliers when documents expire.

Other departments have similar challenges, including risk, legal, operations and safety. Unfortunately, there’s really no good way to share this data between departments.

Jason is Jennifer’s peer and he works in safety. They’ve talked about the importance of qualifying suppliers, not just from a financial perspective, but also from a safety perspective. Just one accident can cost the organization thousands of dollars, a fatality would be disastrous.
Both need the right tools to manage this data and share it with the rest of the organization in order to reduce risk. They are currently limited to spreadsheets and filing cabinets. Without the right tools, work can be a real nightmare.

Fortunately, they partnered with BROWZ. BROWZ worked with them to create an online assessment for their high, medium and low risk suppliers, based on their unique requirements. You see, BROWZ never takes a one size fits all approach to supply chain management. BROWZ products are tailored to your unique requirements.

First, suppliers complete an online questionnaire, and submit their required documentation. Then BROWZ collects, validates and audits that information. This means you know which suppliers meet your standards, and this data can be shared throughout your organization.

To ensure success, BROWZ assigns dedicated support to assist suppliers when they have questions and will proactively reach out before documents expire.

BROWZ is the right fit for safety, risk and procurement professionals seeking assurance they are working with the best qualified members of their supply chain.

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