Tender Writing Course – Online

  • Introduction to public sector procurement process including the ins and outs of the bidding process, Understanding the language of procurement, as well as the evaluation process used for awarding contracts; learn ways to determine the right contract opportunities for your organisation
  • Sell the services/products of your organisation effectively via ‘Pre-qualification Questionnaires’ and ‘Invitation To Tender’ forms ( PQQ and ITT) – creating powerful USP for competitive advantage, Pricing your services/products correctly to minimize financial viability risks and remain competitive
  • Writing effective bids and confidently presenting your proposal to local authorities and other public sector buyer – steps you need to take, Reasons for the different policies required for successful bidding and how to utilise them when writing your bids -Environmental, health and safety, quality assurance and equal opportunity
  • Dramatically expand the number of public sector buyers you sell to without breaking your bank account , Using bidding portals intelligently to maximise your selling outcomes
  • Obtaining and using feedback from past bids in-order to improve the future outcomes, Partnering and forming consortium for future bids- what are the practicalities involved We also offer online courses in budgeting skills, marketing skills, starting an online business, finance for non financial managers, tendering for public sector contracts, microsoft excel. Do contact us for more information about our course programme.

And its only $99. Buy it from here.

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