Looking at recent developments in introducing “the most personal device” to public, I must admit, Apple Watch made a real buzz. YouTubers publish numerous videos about unpacking, trying, feeling, even blending the Apple Watch and those videos get hundreds of thousands of views.

procurement of apple watch

Skeptics fight with romantics and idealists around Apple Watch; experts argue with TV hosts, rivals broadcast “toxic” messages, haters hate, etc.

Procurement professionals, as usual, evaluate…

Understanding if Apple Watch is the Best Value for Money is easy. It is enough to look at the functionality we acquire by paying USD 349 to USD 17,000 for a piece. Of course, some may argue, it is not about functionality only, what about style, image, status, etc.? Those are all valid questions … for Friday evening pub friends’ gathering.

The main question that needs to be addressed from procurement point of view is “What additional benefits do we want to achieve by purchasing the Apple Watch?” or “What additional functionality Apple Watch gives?” And this is the puzzling moment. I tried to compare functions available on Apple Watch to those on my iPhone and … found no difference. Well, the difference is, iPhone has much more functions, plus it is a phone.

By buying Apple Watch you want to buy something more than your iPhone can already deliver. Instead, you are offered to buy something that has some functions of your iPhone. You are offered to spend around USD 700 in average (unless you are a gold lover) to buy a watch that needs charging every day.

Certainly, Apple Watch is sexy. It is a phenomenally beautiful device, just like any Apple product. It has quality and style, smart design and super gorgeous look. Steve Jobs would be proud. Apple will definitely find buyers and will earn billions of dollars with the Watch, no doubt.

To satisfy pragmatic procurement community, however, Apple should probably offer the Watch (at least the Sport version) as an accessory to the next iPhone with no additional cost. Just like it offers the headphones. That would create an army of Apple Watch users.

The second option to win the hearts of [professional] buyers is to add additional functionality. Longer battery life, at least. People got used to personal devices that run for 3+ years without charge. Should I leave my Apple Watch home if I forgot to charge it last night?

Conclusion. Apple Watch is indeed a fantastic device, but definitely not the Best Value for Money today.

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