Food is crucial in the present and the future of New Yorkers. This two-day conference brings together experts, scholars, and professionals to discuss aspects of food in New York City. Six panels will cover topics as varied as history, places of consumption, provisioning and the connection with the region, the impact of the media on the food business, policy debates, crises and post-Sandy resiliency. Sponsored by the Food Studies Program at The New School ( and the Julia Child Foundation (

The seventh panel, entitled, “The Power of the Public Plate: Policy and Procurement,” features:

Fabio Parasecoli, Associate Professor and Head of the Food Studies Program at The New School.

Marion Nestle, scholar, author and educator. she is the New York University professor who established food studies as a legitimate subject for investigation and scholarship in the United States.

– Thomas Forster, Expert on Food Systems

– Eric Goldstein, Food Procurement, Department of Education, New York City

– Jan Poppendieck, Author, Food For All

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