Procurement Jobs is the biggest procurement job magazine on the planet.

Run by Procurement Network, the magazine advertises procurement vacancies on daily basis, it published more than 1500 procurement jobs last month. Companies and organisations publish their needs for procurement professionals, junior procurement staff and middle management in the Procurement Jobs magazine. Employers and positions are situated all around the world, therefore the magazine has no geographical barriers.

If you search for procurement jobs, the Procurement Jobs magazine is the only bookmark you need.

Vacancies include needs for permanent procurement staff, temporary procurement consultants and even lump sum procurement assignments. Thousands found their jobs via Procurement Jobs magazine, as the publishers make sure they cover all continents and industries.

The beauty of the Procurement Jobs magazine is it allows sharing each procurement vacancy via email, as well as posting it on Facebook and Twitter right from the magazine’s homepage. Another distinct quality of the Procurement Jobs magazine is potential employers, job agencies and headhunters know the magazine is the best place to advertise vacancies and find procurement experts, support staff and consultants.

Welcome to Procurement Jobs magazine. 

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