Nordic companies are renewing procurement operating models

Among the top Nordic companies renewing procurement operating model is the first priority in the area of procurement management. 47% of companies responding to Management Events’ web survey are going to have development projects concerning procurement operating model within the next 18 months.

Two other top priorities in procurement management are development of procurement expertise and competencies and defining procurement strategy, 44% of companies having development plans in the former and 43% in the latter.

In the area of procurement process development the biggest amount of development projects concern category management, 55% of companies having such development projects in their plans. Second priority in the process development is optimization of ordering policies (44%), and third is development of supplier selection process (38%).

In the area on monitoring and measuring procurement performance the first priority is total cost monitoring. As many as 59% of companies are planning to invest in development projects concerning cost monitoring. Two other top priorities are measuring procurement performance (48%) and monitoring procurement volumes (37%).

In the management of supplier network first development priority for the top Nordic companies is measuring supplier performance, 52% of companies having project plans concerning that. 49% of companies are going to invest in defining supplier strategy, and 44% in increasing the value of partnerships.

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